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Monday  March 2 2015
2nd Wind

Gillette Massey Snap on  Holstein Canada

Gillette GVI Supersire Drive  Holstein Canada

Gillette Beacon 2nd Service VG 86 2yrs  Holstein Canada
2nd Wind Grandaughter

Gillette MOM Never Sleep  Holstein Canada

Gillette Evolve 2nd Hope VG 86 2 yrs  Holstein Canada

Gillette Aftershock 2nd Wave VG 89  Holstein Canada

Gillette Sudan Smooth  Holstein Canada

Gillette Garrett 2nd Thrill  Holstein Canada
owned by Donnanview

Gillette Garrett Sleepover VG 87 2yrs  Holstein Canada
2nd Wind's daughter

Gillette Zenith 2nd Star VG-88 (VG89 ms)  Holstein Canada
2-00 14 236 kg 4.1% 3.0% (366-405-341)

Gillette Lauthority 2nd Run  Holstein Canada
Lauthority direct from 2nd Wind!

Gillette Goldchip Drama  Holstein Canada
Grandaughter of 2nd Wind

Gillette Bolton 2nd Relation  Holstein Canada
born 28th of April 2011. From Trans-ova.

Gillette Bolton 2nd World  Holstein Canada
born April 27th 2011. From Trans-ova.

Gillette Bolton 2nd Half  Holstein Canada
born April 29th 2011. From Trans-ova
Holstein Canada's Cow of the year 2011!!

Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind VG-88 40*  Holstein Canada
2-02 15 004 kg 3.6% 3.0% (372-354-348)
Dam of 12 VG 2yr with 4 VG 89 ms
20 sons in A.I
2nd Jr 3-Yr-Old Quebec Spring Show 2005
Dam of Gillette Windbrook # 3 GLPI 12/10 and #1 IN TYPE+20
Gillette Stanley Cup and Windhammer(Bolton) GPALPI 2454 Gillette Why Not (Shottle) GPALPI 2414at semex
Dam of 5 class extra sons
The Bullvine's Golden dam 2012
HI 2012 Global cow of the year
2nd Wind's daughter

Gillette Bolton 2nd Sleep VG-89 (EX ms)  Holstein Canada
2-01 17 682 3.9% 3.3% (460-485-481)
Daughters by Planet, Man-o-man,Garrett.
Preg. by Super,Alta Ross,Gerard,Look,Beacon and she is due in april by Gillette Jordan
2nd Wind's daughter

Gillette Elegant 2nd Wind VG-87 2Y (VG89 ms)  Holstein Canada
2-00 18 012 2.9% 2.9% (449-349-398)
son at semex by Roumare
2nd Wind granddaughter

Gillette S Planet 2nd Snooze VG 86 2yr  Holstein Canada
Daughter of 2nd Sleep
sons and daughters by Beacon and Jordan
RC* from the 2nd Winds

Gillette Sahara On my list  Holstein Canada
2nd List Daughter
2nd Wind's daughter

Gillette Shottle 2nd List VG-87 2YR  Holstein Canada
Proj.2-00 14 064 4.5% 2.8% (353-429-309)
Preg Iota, Bruno
Owned with John & Hank Veenhuis
2nd Wind's daughter

Gillette Toystory 2nd Chance VG 88  Holstein Canada
2-00 17 365 3.3 2.6 (429-387-351)
Owned with Ferme Jolicap inc.
2nd Wind's daughter

Gillette Bolton 2nd Motivation VG-89   Holstein Canada
Proj 1-11 17 755 4.0% 2.9% (464-507-425)
daughter by Onward
sons and daughters by Man-o-man,Bogart,Garrett,Alta Ross
2nd Wind's daughter

Gillette Bolton 2nd Rain VG 87 2Y (88ms)  Holstein Canada
proj 2-00 13 354 3.6% 3.0% (352-343-330)
son at semex by Onward
Owned with Fraeland Farms
Daugthers by Lightning
Preg. by Garrett, Alta Ross, Gen-I-Bec Look, Beacon, Niagra
2nd Wind grandaughter

Gillette Roumare Winter Star VG 87 2yrs  Holstein Canada
now owned by Green and Gold Genetics
2nd Wind's daughter

Gillette Zenith 2nd Story VG 2Y  Holstein Canada
2-06 16 527 kg 4.0% 3.0% (389-417-366)
#49 GLPI in Canada, August '09

Braedale Second Cut VG-86 2Y 23*  Holstein Canada
1 Superior Lactation
Louis: 613 229-3023  •  Barn: 613 443-3132  •  Fax: 613 443-3059  •  Embrun, ON K0A 1W0
Herdsmen: Alain Leduc 613 229-2068  •  Marc Charland: 613 761-0457
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